• Head Box Paper Machine

Head Box Paper Machine



The head box is the heart of the paper machine where the paper is formed. Umac manufacture various types of headboxes from 2m to 5m wide

The Head Box in a paper machine is a critical component responsible for the initial distribution of pulp onto the forming fabric. Precision-engineered for optimal paper formation, it regulates the flow and consistency of the pulp slurry, ensuring uniform distribution across the paper machine’s width. This essential part plays a crucial role in determining the sheet’s basis weight and formation characteristics. Equipped with advanced technologies such as turbulence control and slice adjustment, the Head Box is integral to achieving high-quality and consistent paper production in various grades, from newsprint to specialty papers.

1.Open type headboxes

2.Pressurized head boxes

Our headboxes are Meticulosly manufactured out of stainless steel machined and polished internals, precise slice lip control manually or by motors with indication can be integrated to QCS.