Unique machine systems have been operating for the past 25 years in pulp & paper machinery manufacturing. We have created a niche set of products and services which has been appreciated by our clients from whom we get repeat orders.  UMAC specializes in rebuild of paper machinery for enhancing   production, machine runnability and productivity issues of paper machines. Our areas specilaization wet end rebuild, press rebuild, pope reeler rebuild, drive redesigning. vacum systems press section with cantilvered frame design fully hydraulic pope reelers with all features sheeet turn up auto stretchers, dry end tail cutter we have specialized in rebuilding rewinders and de-bottleneck the rewinder after our rebuild machines speeds have gone upto 1000 MPM. UMAC provides motorized shaftless engagement web tension control TNT controlled rewinding.


  Paper Machine

  • Open and closed headboxes with auto slice control
  • Pick up system
  • High nip loaded press section with h frame design
  • Dryers with silent drive design, unit run
  • Size press with rope feeding arrangement
  • Hydraulic pope reeler upto 2.5m dia with reel turn up
  • Auto stretchers and auto guides
  • Dry end tail cutter
  • Cylinder surface polsihing attachment

For Finishing of Paper

  • High speed rewinder with auto tension control
  • Centre drum winders
  • Salvage winders
  • Jumbo roll loading through hydraulics with Shaftkess operation
  • Small roll slitting machine
  • Two roll core Cutter

Pulp Mill

  • Pressure screen
  • Turbo separator
  • Vibrating screen
  • Pulpers

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