• Automatic Felt Stretchers a Potential Money Spinner
  • Automatic Felt Stretchers a Potential Money Spinner
  • Automatic Felt Stretchers a Potential Money Spinner

Automatic Felt Stretchers a Potential Money Spinner


Felt Stretchers

A Motorized Felt Stretcher is a specialized piece of equipment used in the papermaking industry, particularly in the press section of a paper machine. Its primary purpose is to ensure the proper tension and alignment of the felt, which is a continuous fabric loop that plays a crucial role in the papermaking process. The motorized felt stretcher consists of a set of rollers and a motorized mechanism. The felt, responsible for carrying the wet paper web through the press section, passes through the stretcher. The motorized mechanism is employed to adjust the tension of the felt, ensuring it is properly stretched and aligned. This is vital for maintaining uniform pressure on the paper web as it passes through the press section, contributing to effective water removal and improved paper quality.

If you are using manual tensioners change over to auto tensioners and make lot of money. Felts used in dryers have a tendency to shrink when exposed to direct heat from drying cylinders when paper brake take place. During such situations, rolls can break and felt can tear, to avoid such catastrophies operators tend to keep a low value of web tension like 1.5kg/cm. This is where the villain lurks. When felt tension is low heat transfer is poor and the steam is not put to effective use. Steam can be saved by tightening the felt of dryer section. Steam consumption can be reduced by 10 percentage by raising felt tension from 1.5kg/cm to 2.2kg/cm2. Our stretchers are designed for rugged use and are easy to install on existing machines and are fit and forget.


  • Guaranteed belt tracking.
  • Suitable for belt speeds upto1000m/min.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Oil-hydraulic control provides fast response and plenty of reserve force.
  • Belt wear eliminated.
  • Simple, compact, robust design.
  • Made of wear and corrosion-resistant material.
  • No maintenance, no break down.
  • Can be installed in any position within minimum space.
  • Retrofitting in existing plants possible.

Overall Sizes 50cm length, 16cm width and 23 cm height. Dry End Tail Cutters