• Air Shaft

Air Shaft


An air shaft is a mechanical device used in various industrial applications, particularly in machinery for converting, printing, and packaging. Its primary function is to provide a means of holding and supporting rolls of material, such as paper, film, or foil, on a rotating spindle or core. What sets air shafts apart is their ability to expand or contract using compressed air, allowing for easy loading and unloading of rolls. The air shaft consists of a hollow metal tube with a series of internal slats or segments. When compressed air is introduced into the shaft, these slats expand, gripping the inner diameter of the roll securely. This expansion ensures a firm and concentric grip on the material, preventing slippage during high-speed processing. Air shafts are crucial in facilitating smooth and efficient material handling on various types of machines, contributing to precision and reliability in processes such as printing, slitting, and winding within industrial settings.